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SportsAnalysis.TV Benefits

We at Sports Analysis have a vision to help professional clubs to upgrade their game on another level by using our platform.

Make your video database

Our team created a solution which allows you to easily import your games recorded by any camera without any restrictions.

Analyze your games

With our platform you will be able to analyze your football games on a high level by using our advanced features.

Make a coach life easier

It’s hard enough for a coach to remember all details of the game, we recognized that issue and created a tool to help you analyze all details of your games with 100% of the match content.

Platform Features

Tag key situation

Tagging tool allows you to tag key moments during the whole game. By pressing on the tagged situation, you will be automatically forwarded to the moment of the game where you used the tag. Therefore, you can easily show your players the key situation without watching the whole video. Keep it simple and analyze the key factors of your game with your team.

SA Tagging Service

Send us your game video and our professional analysts will tag match for you and send tagged events back in 24 hours or less.



Our Statistics tools give you the best overview of what is exactly happening during the match. For this feature we use the player and ball tracking technology. It’s a great tool to compare your statistical data against your opponents.

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Comments and audio feedback

Sometimes you don’t have time to meet with the players and talk about the key moments. We at SportsAnalysis created a comment options where you leave comments on specific situations and share with players. We even thought a step further and added a function where you can record an audio feedback and post it as a comment. With that option you can be precise and give your players an exact feedback on the key situations without any misunderstanding.


Create playlists

You can create your own playlist's from the key moments that you have tagged to make a fast and easy access to it. Present all your important videos of goals, shots, turnovers to your team or player individually and analyze it together to enhance your game.


Share video to anyone

Through the public link you can easily share your video content to all your players & club members. You can also use our share option to advertise all great moments of your team. This option will help you to satisfy your fans and improve the indirect contact with your fan group.


Invite Players to Join The Platform

Easy steps to invite players to join the platform and watch your work from anywhere else. High Availability is an important factor at SportsAnalysis!



SportAnalysis Dashboard gives you a great view of your Club and your whole work. It’s user- friendly and easy to understand. To save you from spending a large amount of time in searching the right button, we created a great Dashboard for a clear overview.


Upcoming Features

Advance tagging

In an advance tagging user have a possibility to tag not just a single action, but to dive deeper and tag every single detail of that particular situation. With that, a coach or analyst gets better metrics of team performance during a match.

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Drawing Tool

SportsAnalysis Drawing tool allows you to draw directly in your captured Video. This tool is very useful to explain to players what they did wrong or good and allowing you to explain what they should do in the future through visuality. Analyze your games on a new level.

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Match Preparation

The place where coaches and analysts will collect all the information needed and prepare their tactics for the next match. Prepare your team during the week with the post, match analysis of the upcoming opponent, make a list of important moments and documentation and share it with your team, use live video during half time, analyze played match the day after individual or with the team.

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AI Alerts

AI (neural network technology) will provide you with a deeper analysis of you and your opponent performance during the match. The AI system will inform you through alerts, whenever you or your opponent make a mistake in formation, poor set-up in defence or offence, and other tactical situations.

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Introduction Price



billed annually


1200 Minutes of Video

You can upload up to 1200 Minutes of video on our platform. This is enough for 10 games with the pause between the half-time which will allow you to upload videos directly on our platform without cutting the video content.

Free Workshops

For a better understanding of our platform, our support team will explain you all necessary functions and present it to you with an example. We offer a free workshop on EN, NL, DE, ES, IT and FR language.

40 GB

Your files are protected, encrypted and only accessible for people you invite. A lot of space for a great price!

WhatsApp Support

On your demand you can be added in our WhatsApp Groupe where you can ask any questions you have about the product and the functionalities.

Club Admin

Club admin will have fully access to our platform where the admin can import videos, analyze, edit, create playlists and share with others. Work like a professional football coach.


We developed a solution which allows you to use any kind of camera. Even mobile cameras are compatible. The only thing you need to care about is to export your video in a mp4 format. Simple as that.

SA Camera Solutions

If you are lack of cameras to record your best moment we can help you with our camera solutions






SportsCam Automatic is fully automated camera solution, which records everything itself. This camera solution is a combination of 2 camera devices which are able to record a full pitch from one side to another. SportsCam Automatic records based on players and ball tracking and it has an inbuilt automated pan, tilt and zooming option. Another big advantage of our SporstCam Automatic solution is that you can use it as a fixed or mobile solution based on your needs. The recording quality starts from HD and goes up to 4K, and it also offers different views like panoramic, broadcast zoom and tactical zoom view. This solution is the best sports analysis and data tracking tool on the market.


SportsCam Control is a manually camera solution which is controlled from distance through a joystick or keyboard. You are able to pan, tilt and zoom with an easy to use joypad and be a producer of your own game. SportsCam Control is mounted on a mast where you can adjust the height which gives you flexibility to mount the camera where ever you want but you can also mount it on a fixed position. We offer this solution from HD quality and up to 4K depending on your needs.


SportsCam Goal is the best solution to record one half of a field with a great bird-eye view. In general, the SportsCam Goal is a combination of 2 cameras which are mounted on each goal, this allows you to record each half of the field and perfectly use our analysis tools with it. SportsCam Goal records based on players and ball tracking and also it has an inbuilt automated pan, tilt and zooming option. This camera solution is a fixed solution with a recording quality starting from HD and goes up to 4K.


For SportsAnalysis the innovations are an important factor, therefore, we offer also a drone camera for better creation of highlights. We are creating a mobile app which will allow you to easily control your drone. With a click on a specific area on the field through the mobile app, the drone will automatically fly to the selected spot and record everything with an awesome quality and stability. We offer you various kind of drone cameras which can provide a video quality from HD up to 4K.


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